July 2, 2018

Part Replacement

Keeping track of everything about your car is difficult, if not strenuous. Most people don’t need that in their lives. That’s why the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual exists. Unfortunately, it only keeps track of some of the parts of the car that need replaced. Generally speaking, these items need to be replaced more often than most other parts of your car. Still, it’s always nice to know if a part is likely to need replacement, especially if it’s going to cost a pretty penny.  

Starting with the basics, your car needs an oil change every six months or 7,500 miles, whichever comes first. That’s the general rule. Ignore the quick change oil outlet’s enforcement of the 3,000 mile rule. More oils changes means more money for them. At the time of an oil change, your oil filter will need to be replaced as well.  
Depending on where you live, your battery can last anywhere from three to six years. Be sure to look over your battery at least once a year for leaks, cracks, or bulges. Any of these signs mean it’s time for a new one sooner than later.  
In pristine conditions, your tires only need replaced every three to seven years depending on how much you drive. Be sure to check how many miles your tires are rated for! Misalignment, unbalanced tires, sharp turns, and consistent hard stops will lessen the life of your tires.  
As for your belts, your timing belt should be replaced at about 100,000 miles unless you’re constantly revving your engine into the red zone. Your serpentine belt might last that long but to be on the safe side, replace it around 75,000 miles.  
To help you keep track of when your car needs maintenance or replacement parts, make a separate calendar and hang it in your garage